Public Relations

If your Department has a news story and you would like a Press Release issued, please contact

Following a recent tender process, MTU has retained 'We the People' to act as our PR representatives

In order to maximise MTU’s impact on the PR front, we are seeking details from all areas of MTU about upcoming events, awards, grants and publications, as well as any other news that may be of interest to the media. The relevant details should be sent by email to


PR Agency Briefing Template

Contact Information

  • Name:
  • Phone number:
  • Email:
  • University Department:
  • Date of event, or proposed date of publication:

Story Details

  • What’s happened/happening?
  • Why is this story newsworthy?
  • Who are the key people involved?
  • Who is the spokesperson(s)?
  • Has this story received prior coverage? If so, please detail:


  • Are there images available? What/where are they?
  • Are they good quality, high resolution images, with the neccessary permissions for use?
  • Do we need to arrange a photographer?


  • Ideally, where would you like to see this story publicised? (list outlets)
  • Do you know any journalists, media outlets or influencers who have covered this story?

Additional Information and Resources

  • [Provide links or references to additional resources, such as related articles, research papers, or websites]



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