Photography Process

Photography Tender

Framework Panel Members are:

  • Supplier Name: Joleen Cronin Photography –
  • Supplier Name: Domnick Walsh Photgraphy –
  • Supplier Name: Dennigan Photography  –

This tender has been set up as a framework and contracts should be awarded on the basis of either direct drawdown or mini competition.  This will be determined by the value of each project required.

Direct Drawdown:

Where the value of the project will be less than €1,500 (ex Vat), MTU will select a supplier of its choosing from the Framework panel and the work will be awarded to that supplier.  Quotes to confirm the price will be required before confirming the award of any work.



Where the value of the project will be €1,500 or more (ex Vat), MTU will run a mini-competition among all the panel members. Panel members will be required to submit a mini-tender.  The Award Criteria to be used will be as follows:


Award Criteria

Range of Scores Available

1.  Proposed methodology and approach to service delivery (specific to the project) 100 - 800 marks
2.  Proven track record and previous experience of the personnel named to deliver the service 0 - 800 marks
3.  Financial Proposal 100 – 900 marks
Maximum Score Available 1000 marks

If you have any queries on whether your requirement is covered by this tender, please contact the Marketing Unit for further details at

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